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A luxury designer line available in misses size 0 to 16, the signature knits can be blocked to fit up to size 20.  Available from their own boutique stores and high end department stores, there is also a robust re-sale market for these high quality and timeless pieces.


Wholesale Inquiries:

For St. John company business inquiries only,  please call 949-863-1171.

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St. John is all about power dressing.  This luxury label is worn from Hollywood to Washington, DC by women who understand that the immaculate, American classic style and fit exudes confidence, control, and refinement.  Unlike many high end luxury designers, St. John also recognizes that powerful women can and do come larger than a size 12 with the entire line available up to size 16.   Those in the know also use the magic of their favorite tailoring service and know many of these pieces can be easily extended further up to a size 20 for only a few dollars more than the original purchase price.

Sophia Vergara wearing St. John at the 67th Emmy's

Established in 1962 with nothing more than a knitting machine and a little inspiration, founders Marie and Robert Gray created a modern classic label known for its luxury quality.  St. John is especially well known for the knit suit separates that can coordinate or mix and match with other wardrobe pieces.  The jackets can work as easily in high power business settings as they can mixed with jeans for sophisticated weekend chic.   Other pieces include blouses, day dresses, formalwear, and separates.

The signature yarn used to knit St. John pieces is a unique wool blend with a special twist that is known as a "Santana" knit.  Designs became more complex in the 1970's and began to incorporate additional knit types in their collections.  By 1980, the commitment to quality led to the establishment of their own dying plat to ensure the most vibrant and color fast hues. Another signature element of St. John jackets today are the hand-crafted buttons which were added to designs shortly thereafter.  The evening collection which is worn to gala events in many powerful professions and industries was added to the business in

Janet Yellen, First Female Head of the U.S. Federal Reserve, wearing a St. John Knit Suit


Many of St. John's pieces, including suits, are Santana knits.  So, while this is already a luxury premium designer that offers larger than size 12 (Misses size 0 to 16) which is a boon to smaller curvy fashionistas, many pieces can also be blocked to increase up to two sizes.  Therefore, up to a size 20 woman can have these amazing designer pieces when altered properly to fit.

More information on: How to Block a St. John knit to increase up to two sizes.


Kate Winslet wears St. John to a Gala Event

Michelle Obama wears
St. John on the Tonight Show

Price Point

In line with it's fine fabrics and craftsmanship, this is a true luxury label.  New, suit jackets average $1000 to $1500, while outerwear runs closer to the $2000 to $3000 mark.  Suits are sold as coordinating separates including matching skirts and pants which average $300 to $500 apiece. Day dresses average $800 to $1000 apiece.  The luxurious evening wear collection includes exquisitely embellished gowns which can range from $1500 to $3000.

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