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Founded over twenty-five years ago in the UK, the Chi Chi London brand is expanding globally and gaining popularity with American women looking for vintage party dress styles at affordable price points.

Drawing mainly from mid-twentieth century inspirations the retro designs are often elaborately embroidered and beaded tulle, brocade, or printed taffetas fashioned into the curvaceous "New Look" silhouette.  Styles are both sleeved and sleeveless with hem lengths ranging from just above the knee to full-length evening gown lengths.


X-Factor Contestant, Abi Alton in Chi Chi London Dress, 2013


Popular for cocktail parties, proms, and homecoming dances some styles also make excellent choices for both bridesmaids and the bride, herself at less formal affairs.  Many dresses have a fairytale quality about them that are appealing to those who prefer more romantic and youthful looks. 

Younger fashionistas have been known to mix these formal dresses in unexpected ways with items such as leather jackets for 1980's inspired daytime looks.  The beading and metallic embroidery richly applied to some styles can also make for sparkly stage looks.


Embroidered Vintage Tulle Prom Dress, Chi Chi London


Chi Chi London Brocade Dress, Detail

Chi Chi London
Fabric Pattern Details

Embroidered Tulle Vintage Style Prom Dress, Chi Chi London

Primarily a boutique label in the U.S.A. it is carried by several leading, well established department stores in England.  Extended sizes are limited in availability with the main and petite collections available from UK 8 to 16, and the Chic Chi Curve collection available from UK 18 to 24.   Private wholesale arrangements have been made with select, larger retailers that offer sizing up to 32.

When converting UK to US sizing, the general rule of thumb is that American sizes run approximately two sizes larger.   Therefore, UK 16 = USA 12, UK 18 = USA 14, UK 20 = USA 16, and so on and so forth.

These occasion dresses are moderately priced and budget friendly with an average $100 to $150 price point.

Price Point: Moderate | Moderate-Upscale | Upscale | Luxury


Internet Shopping for Chi Chi London

Chi Chi London Party and Evening Dresses are frequently available to the general public in plus-sizes on-line at the following retailers:

MODCLOTH (Special Extended Sizing Frequently Available)



 eBAY: Chi Chi London



Boutiques can purchase wholesale packs directly from the Chi Chi London Company Website.

Contact Information:
Phone: +44 (0)207 377 9944              

Email: wholesale@chichiclothing.com

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