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Featured editor's selections throughout the Elegant Plus Shopping Guides, Trend Reports, and  Fashion Flash Looks include designer clothes which are noted in the captions by designer label.  The Shopping Guides below specifically discuss shopping resources  for designer and luxury fibers and labels.


While not nearly as plentiful as misses sizes, women's plus-size designer clothing has become increasingly available in recent years.  Capsule and diffusion lines at lower price points are the most widely offered from famous luxury designers in larger sizes.  Smaller, plus specialty designers are mainly available in the moderate to moderately upscale price ranges, and are the ones most likely to offer sizing larger than 24W.  Better to bridge diffusion lines from major well-known designers is where the most growth has occurred in recent years, although a few well known, older labels have gone down market. Newcomers tend to be more moderately priced, as a distinct sign of the times. These collections are mainly targeted at classic modern style working women, although a few are edgier or softer.

The influence of the Bohemian Style Tribe in recent years is influencing resort and lifestyle designers and collections, and is increasingly available in extended sizes.

The most expensive upscale luxury labels are still mainly available to plus-size women through shoes, bags, and accessories although a few offer extended sizes above 12, and a small hand-full are available in sizes up to 24W. Formalwear is one of the most likely categories to extend sizes upward in both misses collections and women's plus-sizes with some upscale formalwear labels available as large as 28W or 30W.

Women who like and appreciate designer clothing do so for a variety of reasons.  For some it is the prestige by association of wearing a well-known luxury brand.  But for others, interest in designer brands comes from other factors such as the quality of materials and construction of garments, unique fashion that helps to express personal style rather than looking like every other plus-size woman at an event,  and issues such as fit. 

Some consumers interested in designer brands are drawn especially to natural fibers, both for the quality implied but also for issues of sustainability and environmental issues.  Very few designing in plus regularly use natural fibers, although the situation is improving.

Plus-Size Designer Clothing Shopping

The internet has made shopping for designer fashion more accessible to those living outside of wealthy or major metropolitan areas. 

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