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Your Favorite Internet Shopping Guide to Stylish Clothes for Curvy Women: Size 12 +

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Curvy Clothing Internet Shopping Guides for Size 12 +


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Elegant Plus is happy to welcome beautiful, curvy women who want more clothing and style options than are commonly available in most cities and towns across America, and offers the ease of shopping on-line.

International shoppers will need to consult individual retailers for shipping locations and fees.

Please be advised that all of the "Editor's Picks" featured in this section are hand-selected by Elegant Plus.  Although every effort is made to keep featured products current, retailers can sell out of popular styles before the Editor has had an opportunity to update the page.  All selections are available at time of posting and purchases can be made directly from the retailer on the associated shopping link. 



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Plus-size clothing featured is hand selected by the Elegant Plus Fashion Editor from our extensive network of plus-fashion business partnerships. Although Elegant Plus earns a small fee on all purchases, it is a completely free shopping resource for the consumer, and many times we are able to provide links that offer consumer discounts and free shipping offers upon landing on the partner retailer's site.





Over 60% of the women in the U.S.A. wear size 12 or larger, yet the plus market accounts for less than 20% of sales in the apparel industry.  Rather than assuming this means women wearing an extended size range lack interest in fashion and style, Elegant Plus recognizes that the dearth of marketing and availability of diverse choices in the average brick and mortar setting accounts for a significant proportion of these statistics.
Specializing in helping the full-figured woman size 12 and larger find cute clothes to suit her unique taste,  budget, and lifestyle, the shopping guides listed above reflect approximately fourteen years of market tracking and research. A service offered at no extra cost to the consumer, Elegant Plus does make a small commission on each sale made through links on this website.  Working with a variety of retailers from large, well-known chains, department stores, and designers ranging from nationally recognized brands to smaller, indie plus specialists, Elegant Plus carefully vets each for service and reliability with consumer interests in mind through a series of random secret shopper test purchases. 
No products are accepted from retailers in return for reviews nor are additional fees collected for premium placements.  Every effort is made to  preserve as objective an editorial process as possible.



Cute and stylish plus-size clothes shopping resources and
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