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Modern classics make up the bulk of what most shoppers want and need in their busy lifestyles.  Elegant Plus has a number of Shopping Guides devoted exclusively to classic options, but many others will include shopping resources and featured Editor's Picks of interest to classic curvy shoppers.  All guides include designer selections which are indicated by the name of the designer in the caption.



Modern classic clothes run the gamut from core basics used as foundation pieces for many other styles to the clean, no fuss style of many women.   Available at a wide variety of price points from value to designer, these are the clothes that are reached for time and again, and have staying power as the latest faddish style trends rush through.

The basis of many working women's professional wardrobe, tailored pants, crisp cotton shirts and graceful silk blouses, a chic blazer, or a little black dress are all familiar staples.  Modern classic styles tend to update with the latest color trends with a nod to contemporary style in detailing.  For example zipper trim may update a black blazer or a comfy plaid shirt  may come in green this year rather than red for the Christmas holidays.

Both natural fibers and easy care synthetic blends are popular with different types of Modern Classic shoppers.  Some are value driven looking for items that balance quality with price, while others are investment dressers willing to drop hundreds on the right pair of black career trousers that will be worn almost daily.  What they have in common is an appreciation for clothes with staying power.

Sporty and athletic women also tend to prefer simple, clean cut styles that are comfortable to live in.  Lifestyle shoppers, these women tend to be less price or style driven in their shopping choices, and often don't want to think about shopping.  Often they are the type of  shopper who wants their favorite pair of jeans to still be available for purchase five years later when the original pair has worn out and needs replacing.





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