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Elegant Plus Magazine Closed in 2008
An archive of  selected articles has been moved to the main
Elegant Plus Shopping Guide Website which is still open.

Thea Politis
Founder & Managing Editor

Olga Gonzalez-Ramos
Plus Model & Regular Contributor

Dr. Robyn Silverman
Body Image Specialist & Regular Contributor

Monica Rasso
Plus Model & Regular Contributor

Sita Mae Edwards
Photographer & Regular Contributor

Chamein Canton
Weddings Contributor

Rev. ReBecca Ames-Sala
Inspirational Living Contributor

Lisa Klobucar
Body Activist & Regular Contributor

Jen Henderson
Dangerously Curvy Novel Reviewer

Rene Couret
Body Activist & Regular Contributor

Body Activist & Regular Contributor

Brette Sember
Pregnancy & Motherhood Contributor





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